About us

One of the longest-to-be-worried professions in the construction industry is the fact that even before the ancient times there are still some magnificent works that still advertise the age of architects. Although the methods and needs have changed, the profession will remain eternal, as buildings will always be needed.

To meet this need, we set the goal of creating an enterprise that combines traditional methods with modern solutions, resulting in the specialty implementation Alpikum Kft.

Our company has been dealing with the construction industry for 30 years, providing services such as:

I hereby recommend to our Company, which we have established with 30 years of experience with the construction industry. We have been teaching alpine technology for masonry, tiling, painters, carpenters, roofing, tinwork, locksmiths and alpine technology, and with them we carry out the building renovation and the demands of our clients, we expand our company’s number and machine fleet to get bigger jobs.

​We undertake to renovate buildings, industrial facilities, concrete and metal corrosion protection, façade renovation, heat and rainwater insulation, and tinning, with a changing group of people and with the managers responsible for their management.

We are involved in solving complex construction tasks (eg static reinforcement of grain silos and concrete corrosion protection), experts and specialty vendors to assess the technical condition of these works and to develop the necessary repair technology.

Along with alpine technology, knowing the limitations of this method, we carry out renovation of larger structures on hangers. With these machines (compressors, casting machines, concrete mixers, hoists, high pressure cleaning machines, paint sprayers, other hand tools, trucks).

Facade restoration, plaster repair, facade painting, facade cleaning, facade damping, window cleaning, heat insulation, pigeon removal, tinning, hanging canal repair, rainwater canal repair, corrosion protection, steelwork shaping, antenna assembly, thermal insulation waterproofing building decoration, firewall renovation, , billboard installation, billboard installation, chimney demolition, chimney breakdown, chimney repair, chimney construction, balcony border repair, balconcing repair and other activities we undertake, please refer to our reference list in the hope of further successful cooperation.