Bathroom and kitchen envelopes are largely covered because the tiles and tiles themselves are the cold envelope.

Naturally, it can be a good warmth as it is now possible to quickly and easily make the underfloor heating in almost any room. With the latter heating technology, cold covers appeared in the bedroom and in the living room.

However, functionality should not be forgotten! Show anything nice about black tiles and tiles, may not be a good idea to cover the bathroom or living room.

Functionality is therefore an important aspect in selecting cold shades. It is important to use wrap-around elements that are more rough and non-slip in wet areas.

After selecting the right items, only the appropriate specialist should be selected. Kft. Has several decades of experience in the field of renovations as a specialist in the construction industry. Our specialists work quickly and precisely during cold coatings, and there is a need for material selection.

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Can not find a specialist? Is everyone tabled for months ahead? Do not wait and ask for a cold covering today.

Our specialists are doing an on-site survey before starting cold coatings and compiling a detailed, detailed quotation for our customers.