The particular solutions of modern architecture, as well as the methods of simple and costly executable construction work include tinning.

In addition to being economically and quickly executable, we can achieve really impressive results with this implementation method.

Why is it important for a skilled person to tile?

Although it does not seem to work a few sheets of metal, it did not even recommend tanning without a specialist. The proper drainage of the building is based on well-constructed tinning.

Alpikum Kft. Has 30 years of professional experience behind the back of the tin works.

Our company is also able to perform the traditional finishing work as well as the execution tasks that require special solutions.

As a professional, our colleagues have not only mastered the tin-plating skills, but also the special application technology solutions that we are able to provide for the tinting of almost any building.

Thanks to our modern technological equipment and the professionally skilled workforce, we are able to provide tinplate quickly, accurately, at a favorable price and, of course, as a guarantee.

What kind of tin works are we doing?
  • guttering
  • plotting
  • sheet metal covering
  • cones, roof dredges
  • other metal decorative elements
What kind of buildings are we going to tile?
  • family houses
  • apartment buildings
  • industrial facilities
  • service buildings
  • other constructions

In accordance with the customer’s requirements, tinning works are provided nationwide, whether we are out of working hours.

Our works