Although the pigeon is a symbol of many cultures, the popularity of the pigeon still does not enjoy great popularity. They are in vain representing peace and fertility when millions of people are causing daily difficulties.

Apart from being disturbed and spreading infections, they can cause even more serious damage.

However, pigeons are not easy to get rid of, and scarecrows designed for deterrence are only effective for a while.

The only safe method is the pigeon removal, which effectively, with the help of animals, is aesthetically pleasing to the day-to-day problem of cities.

Our company also deals with pigeon discharge due to its construction activity.

The alpine technology provided by us guarantees 100% of the demolition of that building.

Our dildo service consists of the following:
  • a survey that can be done on the spot according to the customer’s needs or based on exact plans and detailed photographs
  • bidding
  • construction, solutions depending on the properties of the building

What tools are used for pigeon removal?

  • pigeon spikes
  • pigeon nets
  • scarecrow
  • liquids that are able to prevent the pigeons from settling due to the smell of emitted substances

However, our colleagues do not only implement the pigeon removal , fulfilling the customer’s requirements, restoring the damage already done, and cleaning and disinfecting the given area.

If your place of residence is covered by pigeons or builds a new house, always ask for pigeon removal.

Attention! Keep in mind that pigeon feeding is forbidden!