Corrosion protection

Although its excellent properties make the metal one of the most popular building materials, we must not forget about the hindering factors.

Such as the natural corrosion process of metals, which can cause serious damage without providing corrosion protection .

What is corrosion?

It is a chemical reaction in which the effects of the surface surface on the surface of the metal structure damage its structure.

During the process, the metal reacts with the oxygen and humidity of the air leading to the release of electron, i.e. oxidation.

In order to prevent this process, metals must be subjected to a multi-step corrosion protection.


For metals used in construction, corrosion protection consists of the following steps:
  • surface preparation
  • surface protection
During surface protection, various types of corrosion protection can be used as required.

Such as:

  • passive corrosion protection
  • active corrosion protection
  • active and passive protection at the same time
  • duplex corrosion protection

However, in order for our metal structures to withstand the oxidation process for a long time, we have to choose the right corrosion protection that depends on the properties of the metal as well as on the development of internal and external environmental factors.

Therefore, we always have to design a corrosion protection for building structures and components!

Our enterprise has 30 years of professional experience in the corrosion protection of buildings and other structures and elements.

Our colleagues, thanks to their special expertise, provide protection for any building, as our alpine technology solutions make it easy to access even the hard-to-reach metal structures.

Do not forget! The design of corrosion protection not only serves the buildings, but also your safety!