The heat of the home begins at the casing.

During constructions and renovations, a lot of steps have to be taken into account and thought out to get the final result we have dreamed of. Often these dreams are costly in their path, which in most cases everyone wants to reduce.

However, within the area of warm covering, there are also costs that should not be further carved. Insufficient quality raw materials – of course, not immediately, but later – can cost multiple times the initial costs.

How much does the price matter?

We have often encountered the question of whether it is worth buying the twice as many parquet flooring? Before saying yes or no, we suggest that you think about where and for what purpose you will most likely use it.

Is it often a question of deciding the coating material, whether PVC or tiles should be placed in the kitchen?

However, with the help of our specialists, we find the answer to each individual question, since the survey is the first for> warming.

Flooring – which one should I choose?
  • Parquet or flooring: the classic almost everywhere. Living room and bedroom can be the perfect solution.
  • Laminate flooring: simple and great. Today, it is available in many colors and patterns, creating a truly stylish and unique home.
  • PVC: quick and easy solution. We are primarily recommended for institutions and service buildings, where durable design is also an aspect.
  • Carpet / floor mat: soft and warm. Comfortable and spectacular solution for color rendering and homemaking.
Flooring – anytime

Do you have to wait a long time for the casing? Or do you just not find a specialist?

Nem kell tovább keresnie, az Kft. az Ön kivitelezője! Cégünk vállalja a melegburkolás teljes körben kivitelezését a tervezéstől egészen a kivitelezés utáni takarításig.